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The house

The finca came with three buildings.  The main house is in ruins, with only half the walls and roof still standing.  We had originally thought that it might be better to knock it all down and start again, but the paperwork and permissions fot that are complicated and much more expensive.  So we’ve decided to go for restoration, at least in name.  We’ll be keeping part of the old house as storage/cellar and adding a new wing which will be the main living area.  The house will be mostly stone and in keeping with the local style, but better insulated, as these stone houses are freezing in winter.  We will also be making it as ecological as we can manage.  This year is mostly planning and we will start the build next year.  Having the cabin to live in while we build the main house takes a lot of pressure off.

Back and side barn and destroyed end of house

We tore down the red brick barn in this picture.  It wasn’t a very safe or well-built structure and we used the bricks for hardcore on the road.  The other stone building is very well built.  We’ve put new doors and a roof on that and are using it for storage.  Eventually, we’d like to make it into a workshop/office space.


The cabin field, next to the main house field, is an old vineyard and clay -really deep clay.  It’s a quagmire when it rains and concrete in the sun.  It would take a lot of work to make beds and that’s not what we want.  So we’ve gone for hugelkultur.  This way we get to use the rotten wood from the house that we’ve half-demolished, the cardboard and all the packing from the cabin and it will also be our compost heap.


The first bed laid out with chestnut beams from the old house

Friends of Free Finca

We’ve been making new friends.  Eddie Rock has been helping us with the cabin and the epic fence we’ve put around it to stop the dogs following us down the road whenever we leave.  Eddie is multi-talented.  He walked the Camino in 2004 and has written and published a candid and irreverent book about his experiences.

You can find out more about his journey and buy his book from his website: caminosantiago

Here’s Eddie with his book:

Eddie after a hard day's work
This is Merkaba a natural and organic health food shop in Sarria, run by Angela and Marisa.  I practice kinesiology and laser therapy and run a group meditation (English and Spanish) there on Wednesdays.
Merkaba Free Finca 4 Merkaba Free Finca 2 Merkaba Free Finca


In March 2013 we bought an abandoned house and finca in Galicia.  Our aim is to set up a perma-culture/bio-dynamic environment and live in a way that is kind to us and kind to the earth.  But we know nothing!

We have put up a cabin as a temporary home while we work on restoring the ruin.

This is our adventure.

Cabin, woods and car