In March 2013 we bought an abandoned house and finca in Galicia.  Our aim is to set up a perma-culture/bio-dynamic environment and live in a way that is kind to us and kind to the earth.  But we know nothing!

We have put up a cabin as a temporary home while we work on restoring the ruin.

This is our adventure.

Cabin, woods and car.

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  1. Cassandra Rocha

    Hello. I stumbled across your blog today, searching for permaculture + galicia. We live in France and are looking to move to a warmer and nicer place where we can start a big permaculture garden and build an ecological home and be relatively independant. Galicia sounded good to us, but we have only just started to think and look about where to set up. What you are doing looks/sounds incredible! Our garden is small and we have been converting to a permaculture garden since about 2 years, so still learning lots. Plus we have two little children, so…time!
    Any clues as to good areas, nearish to beaches, how to find property, builders etc? There is a guy called Mark at Galician Rustic who seems ok.
    All the best on your marvellous adventure. And courage to you!


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