Over before it’s begun

The day before yesterday I announced how much I loved our greenhouse.  Then yesterday in the space of five minutes it went from this:



To this:

Destroyed greenhouse


We had quite a storm, the usual rain along with not so usual blasting wind.  Just after Dean left to take Elaine to the airport I noticed that a panel had come loose in the top of the greenhouse.  I went in the cabin to work out what to do about it and it was all over.

I was a bit upset yesterday.  It’s not the end of the world, but all my little seedlings that were coming up have gone.  I managed to salvage some rocket, peas and four broccoli and two spinach out of hundreds of seedlings.  It’s still early in the year, so that’s not too much of a setback.

The greenhouse is history though; we won’t be getting another one.  We’ll salvage what we can to make cold frames this year and when we build the house and have a digger here, we’ll put in a walipini.  A walipini or pit greenhouse is like a big hole n the ground with a roof on it, which maintains its heat due to the thermal mass of the earth. Here’s the building manual.

Clearly, the construction of the greenhouse wasn’t good enough for our environment.  It was a nightmare to put up with even a slight breeze and even though it was supposedly guaranteed for five years – that didn’t cover ‘unusual weather’.  Think twice before you buy a Palram greenhouse!  We bought it instead of a poly-tunnel, because we thought it would last longer. Hah!

But what a metaphor for life.  It really can all be over before you’ve even lived it. That’s why I’m not upset anymore.  I’m still here and living to the full – I haven’t got time for misery!


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