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    Samhain with Will and Skill


    Samhain, midway between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice marks the beginning of the period of when the ‘veil between the worlds’ is at its most permeable. The veil is the surface world, what we can perceive with our ordinary senses, which varies from creature to creature. Beneath the veil is the invisible world, the great web of existence beyond our ordinary senses, mostly. As the Sun rides low and fades, before rebirth on the winter solstice, we turn our attention inwards towards our own light and fire. The invisible Sun burns more brightly and this changes things, because…

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    The Dream Temples

    Lights ON in the Dream Temples The earliest known clinics were the Dream Temples of Imhotep of Egypt and later Asklepios of Greece. People would travel hundreds of miles to visit the temples, where they would be guided through purifications…

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    The Hermetic Wild Child

    On July 13th 2021, Venus and Mars made love in Sekhmet’s lair and conceived the hermetic wild child in the solar winds.* As I real-eyes this new archetype within myself, he/she/me becomes more stable and begins to show up in…

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    Hécate, Reine des Seuils

    Traduit par ST de Géobiotantra, en complétion du cycle de Kali Ma 2021, Provence Hécate Trivia, déesse-sorcière-reine, est le pouvoir d’animation des seuils, des portes, des frontières et des portails et de l’entre-deux liminal, ni ici ni là, l’état hypnagogique.…

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    Hekate: Queen of Thresholds

    Hekate Trivia, Goddess-Witch-Queen, is the animating power of thresholds, doorways, boundaries and portals and the liminal in-betweens, neither here nor there, the hypnagogic state. Third eye blindness prevents us from perceiving the energetic significance of these edges and borderlands, but…

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    Finding Mr Luigi

    Mr Luigi has a very long arm. He can reach into your mind and make a bowl of spaghetti, without you knowing he was there, even though he’s not Italian. I first got wind of him in what I would…