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Iron Will: Biomagnetic Entrainment

Biomagnetic Entrainment to the Electromagnetic Field of the Earth

All creatures that move around are physiologically designed to entrain to the electromagnetic field of the earth. The biological element that makes this possible is biogenic magnetite. Magnetite is a mineral and it is the most magnetic of all the naturally occurring minerals on earth. Magnetite is not considered to be an essential mineral for humans, it’s not even recognised as a trace mineral. However, trace levels of biogenic magnetite (produced naturally by a living organism as part of its life processes) are found in almost all human tissues, including the brain. Biogenic magnetite is ferrimagnetic, which means that it is attracted to a magnet and can be magnetized to become a permanent magnet itself.

The highest concentration of magnetite in the human body is in the ethmoid bone, a light, porous bone at the roof of the nose, that separates the nasal cavity from the cranium. It sits in front of the sphenoid bone and forms part of the structure that supports the nasal and orbital cavities. The bones of the skull have distinctive shapes and as shapes (geometry) generate energy, the fact that this bone is also magnetic is especially significant. Studies with birds, salmon, trout and honey bees have shown that magnetite in their ethmoid bones helps them align with the magnetic field of the earth and it is presumed that this is used for migration and navigation.

Biogenic magnetite is created through a process known as biomineralization, in which a specific protein converts ferric iron to magnetite. Both the sphenoid and the ethmoid bones contain relatively high concentrations of ferric iron, due to their mucosal cells that are involved in iron absorption. The pituitary gland sits in an indentation in the sphenoid bone called the sella turcica (turkish saddle), adjacent to the magnetically sensitive ethmoid bone and is also highly sensitive to iron. (Iron is by mass the most abundant element on earth and is attracted to magnets and can become a magnet.) The pituitary gland is known as the ‘master gland’ as it manages the functions of the endocrine system by regulating hormone production.

The pituitary gland produces growth hormone, which acts on all tissues, structure and metabolism and promotes growth in children. Irregularities in the production of growth hormone can cause stunted growth or gigantism. In adults, growth hormone maintains metabolism – the process of converting food to energy, helps manage the fat to muscle ration, cholesterol levels and bone density.

All the glands and organs of the body have subtle functions that are neither recognized by medical science, nor measurable with their instruments. My own investigations have led me to consider that the pituitary gland is not only responsible for linear, physical growth but also for multi-dimensional, transformational growth. The ferrimagnetic ethmoid bone is constantly attuned to the electromagnetic field of the earth, in a kind of biofeedback loop, so that changes in one affect the other and these changes are relayed to the pituitary gland via the sphenoid bone. Accordingly, the pituitary gland regulates growth and other hormones (note the pituitary-hypothalmas-adrenal axis) in harmony with the decompression and of the earth and how that affects Her electromagnetic field.


Here are some descriptions of magnetogenetics:

“In the brain, the complex circuits behind our cognition largely construct themselves. In a dish or on a chip however, the normal meaningful cues are missing, and any attempts to grow predefined circuits from neurons have largely met with failure. A new technique, dubbed magnetogenetics, has now provided a way to create these neural circuits by combining magnetic manipulation with the cell’s own machinery for stabilizing new growth and extensions.”


The dream of magnetogenetics

Neurons propagate electrochemical signals by using voltage-gated biochemical machinery in their membranes. At the level of a single cell, a stimulus that depolarizes a small part of the membrane can cause an action potential that spreads throughout the cell. Some channel proteins function by locally increasing or decreasing the membrane’s polarization in response to a particular physical stimulus. Introducing genes that code for those channel proteins thus offers a way to program neurons to be inhibited or excited on demand.

In neuroscience, a broadly successful technique termed optogenetics has taken precisely that approach with visible light. Typically, the necessary genes are introduced to neurons in a selected site or cell type of interest in an experimental organism, and optical fibers or light-emitting devices deliver light for stimulation. Could a similar magnetogenetic approach—one that employs biogenic magnetic materials and externally applied magnetic fields—be possible? If it were, the technique would eliminate the need for setups with tethers and visibly detectable stimuli, but it would leverage many of the same prolific methodologies that have made optogenetics so successful.”


“Magnetogenetics refers to a biological technique that involves the use of magnetic fields to remotely control cell activity.”


I’m sure anyone reading this has seen the videos of magnets sticking to injection sites. I’m not going to make any elaborate argument as to what’s going on there, you need to draw your own conclusions, but don’t put too much effort into it. Whatever you give your attention to grows and fills your subconscious mind, to be brought forth in how you shape reality. If you allow external influence to make you angry, upset or fearful, you will unconsciously shape reality according to an agenda that is not aligned with the dream of the Great Mother.

The best way to reduce these influences is to use your will to align yourself with the electromagnetic field of the earth.

Iron Will, Feather Light

We are all designed to live in alignment with the electromagnetic field of the earth; it’s how we’ve navigated and migrated and how sites were selected for great monuments and cities. All humans used to be able to feel this energy, some could even see it, but today the electromagnetic field of the earth seems like and abstract idea or something a long way away, although it is right here and never left. Ley lines, grid lines, sacred sites and beauty spots are all places where the electromagnetic field is anchored. Our ancestors used standing stones and stone circles to anchor and amplify the energies. We are not sensitive to these energies now because of electromagnetic pollution and many other forms of poisoning, but in these times finding our way back to biomagnetic entrainment with the Earth is an essential survival skill.

My lifestyle might not be possible or desirable to many, but a big part of the entrainment process is learning to trust my own instincts and doing what needs to be done at the right time, rather than when my lazy brain or ego would like. Entrainment to the biomagnetic field of the earth is a commitment, not something you can learn on a w-end course – although techniques like dowsing and BioGeometry are really useful. Overall, I don’t think it’s possible to achieve reliable sensitivity to earth energies with the average western lifestyle.

These are the things that have helped me entrain:

  • forming the intention to entrain and following through on the guidance
  • paying attention to signs, synchronicities and dreams
  • spending as much time outside as possible
  • living off-grid, working with the seasons and the weather
  • focusing on what we need to do to sustain ourselves and staying out of other people’s drama
  • growing our own food
  • maintaining iron levels and absorption
  • reducing dependency on electronic media (I don’t have a TV or smartphone and never watch movies or serials)
  • minimal interaction with ‘the system’
  • no chemicals in the home or for personal use – I make all our household cleaners and personal products with natural ingredients
  • no pharmaceuticals – I make most of what we need to support our health from local wild plants
  • BioGeometry tools have enabled me to measure and harmonize energy spots and gridlines
  • taking care of the land and water
  • little acts of spontaneity and pleasure
  • appreciation of the beauty of where we live

Moving into this lifestyle has been an organic journey that’s taken around eight years. It’s only now, looking back, that I can define what has really helped us move into biomagnetic entrainment? How do I know I’ve made that shift, that I am entrained into the biomagnetic field of the earth and not just imagining it? My awareness is more open to different kinds of communication; my life is trippy and more intense and although I can’t attribute that directly to biomagnetic entrainment, I’m sure that it accounts for some of the direct communication with Nature that I experience. For example, last night I sensed the presence of death moving across the land and I know he is here to clear out the dead wood. As I sat down to finish this post this morning, a pair of gold crest finches flew into the window where I was sitting and died almost instantly – death must be recognized as part of the cycle and I’m grateful he took only what he needed and passed by. I thanked the birds and buried them together under the pear tree.

What does death have to do with biomagnetic entrainment? Nothing and everything, really. Magnetism, like death, is impersonal. The iron filings lock onto the magnet without thought, question or resistance – it’s just what they do. It is an iron bond, but it as also weightless, as light as a feather. The only effort involved is getting yourself in the right position – that is the act of willing. After that, Nature does all the work.

What does this feel like? Years ago, in a rare moment of openness, my father confessed: do you have any idea how difficult it was to deal with a three year old girl who will not do as she is told? We could bribe or threaten you with anything and you would cry and say – but I don’t want to daddy – and there was nothing we could do to make you do anything. I don’t remember my parents trying to force me to do anything, except eat mashed potato which I never did, but the feeling that the bond of desire is unbreakable is still in my memory banks. It’s taken me decades to get back here, but the iron will of that little girl, light as a feather is my lodestone.

Gold Crest Finches. RIP


  • John Neild

    Beautiful. Lots of notes to self there. I long to have a garden, I live on the 3rd floor, lovely views over a quaint little town but nowhere to sit in a chair & read outside except the park. When it’s hot I have a wilderness oasis where I can get naked & not be seen or caught. This is the closest I get to bliss & entrainment every year, I live for it.

    • admin

      You are entrained all the time, or else I’m sure you wouldn’t relate to this post. There are different degrees of entrainment, due to where we live and varying intensities of the electromagnetic field in different locations and the energies are ramping up everywhere. Perhaps you will find your garden sooner than you expect!

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