Biomimicry Process from ELFET

Biomimicry Process from ELFET

ELFET: Electrical Field Entrainment Technology

The water structuring discs, pain relief amulets and cell/mobile phone discs that we use have been treated with a proprietary process called Electrical Field Entrainment Technology (ELFET). This technology uses bio-mimicry, created with geometry, sound and light to generate a naturally optimized resonance field in and around the products. When you place the products on your skin, the natural resonances are imparted directly to you, your animals, plants or drinking water, acting at the cellular level to bring about measurable enhancements – such as pain relief, improved hydration, revitalization and relaxation.

The technology has been developed and thoroughly tested over a period of nearly 20 years.

ELFET test results

Structured water has a liquid crystalline structure that is more easily absorbed by the cells, providing optimum hydration as well as improved signalling (cellular communication) and information storage.

Crystalline structure:

Water exposed to the ELFET water disc develops a crystalline structure, as tested and photographed by Dr Masuro Emoto:

Reverse Osmosis Water
Water treated with ELFET water disc


Revitalization and energy enhancement is subjective and therefore difficult to prove. However, Kirlian photography of the subjects fingertips before and after exposure to ELFET technology, shows a dramatically visible increase in energy on the slides.

Kirlian photography of human energy field before and after ELFET exposure

Distilled water -v- ELFET treated water:

Distilled water or filtered water is free of pollutants, but is actually dead clean water. It is good for ‘flushing the pipes’ but it is still water in a state of chaos and lacking the coherent structure necessary for proper cellular hydration and communication.

Thee effect of distilled versus ELFET treated water is shown graphically with these photos of two roses cut from the same bush, one placed in distilled water and the other in ELFET treated water, photographed after 13 days. The rose in the ELFET water is still blooming and the other is already dead and shrivelled – the same applies to cells!

Roses in distilled water and ELFET water at 13 days

Plant germination and vigour:

ELFET treated water enables plants to germinate faster and to grow more vigourously. I have a water structuring disc in the watering can I use to water seeds and seedlings in the greenhouse and three larger discs in the water tank for the garden,

Faster germination
More vigorous plant growth

Taste test:

Scientific tests are useful validation, but if you cannot notice an improvement based on your own senses, the true value of the product is open to question. A liquid in molecular chaos has a sharp and tingly after bite discernible by taste (recognisable by everyone except for heavy smokers and coffee drinkers!) Liquids with chaotic molecules do not blend with the structured and organised liquids surrounding the mouth and tongue and produce a sour or tingly after taste – this is the first form of information and defence.

To taste test the water structuring disc:

  • pour two small glasses (tumblers) of red wine or orange juice
  • place one of the glasses on a disc and the other at least three metres away
  • wait 3-5 minutes and compare the two drinks, first by smell and then taste

The treated drink will smell different, the acidic taste or tartness will be noticeable reduced and it will have a smoother taste.

Cell phone disc tests:

Bio-energy stress tests using fingertip analysis have shown that the cell phone discs bring about baseline improvements, by reducing stress in certain systems to a more relaxed state than they were even before the tested individuals came into contact with their phones. The cell phone discs do not shield from the harmful radiation from the phones, but they amplify the innate bioenergetic frequencies of the body, so that it is not affected by the harmful radiation and is, in fact, stronger than it was before.

The systems tested were:

  • lymphatic
  • lungs
  • large intestine
  • circulation
  • nervous system
  • allergies

Treatment chambers

Products are treated for a minimum of 24 hours in sealed chambers in Scotland.

ELFET Chambers

And finally, the inventor of this technology is a trusted friend.

You can buy these products online here.

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