Deadwood, Microbes and Demons

Deadwood, Microbes and Demons

Deadwood is the fruit of a dying paradigm – and where’s there’s deadwood, there will always be microbes that are fundamental to the cycle of life. The enforced quarantine has barely impacted on our daily lives, but yesterday as we began clearing the woods of dead trees, I found myself reflecting on this most novel situation and my growing sense that we are in the midst of the greatest healing crisis the world has ever known.

There is no such thing as a virus. You might also find it useful to question your ideas about disease – where does it come from? Ask yourself, are your ailments a symptom of disease or a sign of healing? It is no accident that this crisis is peaking over the Spring Equinox, which is a time for great healing as the positive and negative energies of the earth come into balance. As if to illustrate the point, we had a massive thunderstorm here yesterday evening, heralded by a pine pollen tsunami that veiled the hills in green smoke as all the trees released their pollen in excited anticipation….you can smell it in the air.

The virus scam has been running with increasing virulence since the fraudulent Louis Pasteur first ‘discovered’ germs in the 1800s, and what a cash cow they have been! All so-called viruses (the clue is in the name) are fraudulent, lab grown toxins and DNA cocktails that do not exist in nature and should never be injected into the bloodstream. In 2015, Dr Stefan Lanka offered €100,000 to anyone who could provide evidence of an isolated measles virus. Initially, he lost the case, but it was overturned in the German Supreme Court by five independent experts who supported his claim that none of the publications purporting to show a virus actually did. Instead, the microscopic evidence presented are, in fact, constituent parts of other cells in the body. This is the core of the fraud; bacteria, funghi and microbes are all shape-shifters and are involved in many different functions in the body – but they do not cause disease. We are being presented with images of the healing mechanisms of our own bodies (also known as pleomorphism) and told that they are pathogens – deception and demonization at the cellular level.

All the coronavirus tests are fraudulent, based on taking a small amount of tissue and examining it under an electron microscope and naming, according to a pre-determined convention, some particles as COVID-19. (Or SARS, or swine flu, or Zika, Mad Cow disease etc.) This is the Pasteur scam all over again. Even within their own terms of reference the coronavirus test is only 30-50% accurate, according to Wang Chen, President of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. By extension, all the cures and vaccines being touted are also fraudulent.

This ‘pandemic’ is straight out of the Black Death Play Book and that reveals more than it conceals. The ‘wanna-be-world-rulers’ are out of ideas and have no regenerative or creative resources to call upon – bankrupt. They think that what has worked in the past will work today, due to their smug view from the retro-fitted hive-mind construct of their world – their years of selective breeding and secret society training. In fact, they are merely acting out their own fears and projecting them out into the rest of the world and you do not have to invite it into your reality. There are other flavours available for us mutts and you don’t need a recipe.

The Black Death (Bubonic Plague) is estimated to have wiped out 30-60% of the population of Europe and Asia, between 75 and 200 million people (it’s impossible to know how many) from 1347-1351. However, no one has been able to identify the exact pathogen involved, or how it managed to travel so rapidly. Scientists have estimated that this mysterious bacteria, perhaps Yersinia pestis, would have had to travel consistently at between 1.5 and 6km a day, faster than is possible for any bacteria today, even with public transport.

What actually happened in the Middle Ages, is that having been stripped from the land for generations and losing their physical and spiritual interactivity with nature and being told that they were sinners and having the FEAR OF GOD drummed into them, that when the people witnessed natural earth changes they accepted the reality presented to them by the Church. They were sinners, the wrath of God was upon them and they made it manifest, they invoked the disease demons and made themselves sick and died in vast numbers, faster than could be possible through any known pathogen, even if contagion was a factor. (This is all well documented in: The Black Death and Abrupt Earth Changes in the 14th Century, by Sacha Dobler.)

Today, the conditions are very different. Significant numbers of individuals in the world live in relative comfort, are reasonably educated and do not listen to the Church (where is the Pope anyway???) nor feel the wrath of God. But the Church did not invent demons, it just gave them a name, exactly as the medical profession does today in naming diseases. A disease is a label given to a collection of symptoms that you make real, because you have that power.

So, what does cause disease? Simply and bluntly, you do, by invoking the ‘disease demons’ and letting them rampage through your mind/body system. You do not catch a cold, or flu or coronavirus, you create it, individually for yourself. An overload of fear, unresolved trauma and emotional conflict, chronic stress, dehydration, malnutrition and poisoning will cause a deviation from homeostasis, which your mind/body system then works to correct. By the time you show symptoms, it is mostly because your body is already healing. We are designed to be self-healing, but we have absorbed bad patterns that tend to make us blind to this ability. This has been known by shamanic healers, TCM practitioners, kinesiologists, psychologists, energy medicine practitioners and body workers for many years, conclusively proven through German New Medicine and systematically dismissed by conventional medicine and medical science.

The notion of ‘disease demons’ might challenge the rational mind, but it is a way of describing a thought-form that is generated by smell, imagination and intense feelings, yet not recognized in our ordinary reality, except by its effects. Too often, we demonize ourselves and each other, rather than take responsibility for our own thoughts and deeds. This is relatively easy, due to the habitual blinkers. We had a prime example of this process in action here, two years ago.

A friend came to visit, who was in an emotionally heightened state having just separated from his wife and broken his coccyx, which caused him great pain. I did a healing session with him and his back healed instantly and his pain went, but it came with a rush of life-force that is highly erotic and must be handled with care. Instead, unbeknown to us, he began indulging in his own sexual fantasies and actually stalking one of our other guests, who happened to be an erotic dancer. It came to a head at the full moon, when we were sitting around the fire pit and, who knows what he was thinking at the time, but he activated the Great Kundala and She lifted him off the ground, spun him around and almost flung him into the lap of his intended, who deftly avoided the assault. It sounds amusing, but he was crushed. She handled it with the skill one might expect for some one of her abilities. The surge of energy also caused our well pump to short circuit.

He was inconsolable and began demonizing himself. We were woken up at night by the smell of sulphur and during the day the smell of methane all around the house. His fear and self-loathing caused the microbes within him and in his immediate vicinity to multiply, shape-shift and release toxins that attracted other microbes and caused a smell that has long been associated with demonic entities, which confirmed his worst fears. He told us that the land was too powerful here, so he turned away from the Source of All Healing and left. I had to throw away all the bed clothes in the room that he’d stayed in as they were covered in mould. There are many contemporaneous accounts of foul odours, ‘pestiferous winds’ and wells turned bad throughout the years of the Black Death, as noted in Sacha Dobler’s book. We conjure the disease demons through our sense of smell. (See: Melissa, Queen of the Bee Haven.)

By now, it’s becoming obvious that the numbers do not stack up. The mortality rate does not even come close to that of ordinary flu and postmortem tests are as dubious as those for the living. They can’t contain the rat-stink.

It will not have escaped your notice that the ‘wanna-be-rulers’ have long quarantined themselves in their gilded prisons and they do not interact with Nature at all. This is what they are unconsciously projecting onto us – a reflection of their own imprisonment and fear. In the naked dark before dawn, they question their enslavement to their own dark rituals, and what if they are not as powerful as they like to appear? They cannot hide from the life-force energy of the earth and they cannot wage war on the wild microbial domain of the planet and win. What will happen is that their secret fears and doubts, that they are not actually the chosen ones, will get confirmed. What’s being acted out on the world stage is a fear-based projection caused and maintained by many levels of disconnection and disassociation; enforced quarantines, mandatory vaccinations, even 5G, eugenics and economic control (based on fear of scarcity) are all effects of that fear – not the cause.

This paradigm is done, all but the clearing out. The opportunity here is to see what is out out of balance in our own lives and to take corrective action, so that we are not projecting our own fear and ignorance into the world. Make good use of quarantine, get out into nature, breathe it in and smell it all, dig in the soil with your bare hands, plant a garden if you can. If you use this time to reconnect with the earth and your loved ones, and to discover your joy and what makes your heart sing – despite the insanity – you won’t become deadwood yet.

8 thoughts on “Deadwood, Microbes and Demons

  1. Thank you so much for this beautifully written, eloquent article, Yolanda.
    I have taken the liberty to include it as a link in the following:
    In a world in which the so-called ‘C’ virus has arrived, replacing all other known causes and illness the now prevalent ’cause of death’, I came across the following article which quotes how “More than 99% [!] of Italy’s coronavirus fatalities were people who suffered from previous medical conditions, according to a study by the country’s national health authority.”…before going on to reveal That the average age of those who have died is 19.5 years…
    Unfortunately (but only), in theory here in France it is now against the law to leave home without written ‘permission’ (total curfew after 18.30 hrs.). On the other hand, all sovereign beings of divine origin are finding no difficulty in circulating in nature . In the same way that we have the power to invoke disease through the powers of our imagination, so too are we capable of rendering ourselves invisible under the scrutiny of Mr Plod.
    Animals and wildfowl, too, join us in appreciating the comparative calm of the environs.
    Very best wishes to all!

    1. Thank you for your comments John, and especially for the reminder about the power of invisibility. This is true. Years ago a friend of ours went to prison. Dean was concerned that he might be bullied and I told him not to worry, as the bullies wouldn’t even see him, as he wasn’t resonating on the victim frequencies that they are tuned into. He wasn’t bullied, in fact, he taught inmates to read, did tattoos and brewed hooch and eventually, after he resolved his inner conflicts that put him in prison in the first place, he was released early. You only know these things through action and it is all about each of us doing the work of dissolving fear – that is the real contagion.

      I’ve just noticed that Jon Rappaport’s site is still down.

  2. It has been stated There is nothing to FEAR but FEAR itself. I am finally beginning to realize the truth and power of this statement.

    Thank you Yolanda for this beautiful inspiring post of truth !

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