Why haven’t I posted on dogs earlier?  They are such an important part of our lives.   Our two dobies came with us from London; Dexter will be 10 next week and he has quite a story to tell.  Riley was seven last week and she is the never-complaining, ever-loyal, rock of the pack.  She is a stay-at-home girl and never really liked the country, preferring her friends on the common where we used to live.  She has adjusted well, as we’ve got noting but country here.  But when we got in the van for one last time to move from our rented house to here, she thought she was going home to London.  I hope she grows to love this place as much as we do.

Dexter and Riley in the woods

Izzy spent the first four months of her life locked in a cage with eight other dogs, belonging to the neighbours next door to the house we rented.  Her mother disappeared on Samhain night and we never knew what happened to her.  It was upsetting because we’d just persuaded the neighbours to let us have her, then she was gone, like the spirit dog that she is.  The next morning the neighbour’s girlfriend knocked on our door with Izzy in her arms and tears in her eyes.  She believed that Izzy would have a better life with us and she was Chi-Chi’s only daughter she wanted us to have her.  I couldn’ refuse. We called her Isadora, the gift of Isis, Izzy for short.  She spend the first couple of hours catatonic and wouldn’t move from my lap.  Now she is full of fun, love and curiosity and brings a fresh energy to our family.

Izzy on New Year's Day

Montezuma joined us yesterday.  He showed up at the gate with an older German Shepherd and Izzy immediately ran off with them.  She is part GS herself – did she recognise her kind?  They returned after a few minutes and Izzy jumped back over the gate to get in.  Montezuma waited at the gate but the older German Shepherd, went back to the field behind and when he saw us let Montezuma in, he just disappeared. We have never seen either of them around before.


He told us his name via the pendulum and that he is here to learn and teach peace.  Hugely, interesting!  He also said that he wasn’t abandoned, but ran away because he didn’t want to hunt.

The peace vibe is strong right now.  Our meditation last week was on peace and focused on finding peace within, not merely as an abstract concept.  That was challenging for me as some one I’d thought of as a friend had just launched what felt like an unprecedented attack on me on Facebook.  I am at peace now.  Some people are just going through their war/competition/conflict experience and just want to hang it on some one.

There will be more to follow on Dexter later.  He has been a partner and teacher in my awakening and is a very old and wise being.

I’ll also talk about how we look after our dogs health and well-being.

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