Free Cover-up, One Size Fits All

Free Cover-up, One Size Fits All

This is a follow-up to my previous post, Deadwood, Microbes and Demons, and here I’m focusing on how to deal with the stay-at-home-smorgasbord of fears. Fear is the contagion; simply knowing that there is no such thing as a virus is not sufficient to shield you from the fear of other humans, or prevent you from unconsciously transmitting it to everyone else you encounter. Transmute the fear and this transition will be much quicker and easier and the outcome, which is still in the balance, will be much more favourable.

If you did not succumb to the initial wave of fear, you might well have been knocked off-balance by shop assistants in haz mat gear and military patrolling the streets – that’s natural. And if you are not tempted by the virus, you might find 5G catching your attention, or parasites – because they are really real. And the mask thing, that’s really hotting up for summer, lest we forget! Every one is going to get a dose of economic collapse and martial law and people will die, as they always do. The death of a loved one is always hard, regardless of whether they were elderly and sick, but no one seems to be dying of heart disease, strokes, or old age anymore. Rational thinking is the first casualty of an epidemic of fear.

The ‘cover-up,’ ‘psy-op,’ ‘hoax,’ whatever you choose to call it, works by transmitting fear. It is not designed to hide any actions of the controllers, which will continue regardless – they need their audience. However, the last thing they want is for you to discover what you are capable of! Ultimately, the cover-up is designed for you, to hide you from yourself. If you are focused on dealing with problems and fears, guessing what the future might hold, hoping it will be better than the present, you live in a restricted reality in which you use up all your energy to stay afloat and you never get to live your dream. The expression of your unique dream is the blast that causes their reality to crumble.

The foundation of the world theatre is the false duality of ‘real’ and ‘not real’. The thinking goes: yes, but 5G IS REAL, they are installing it in my neighbourhood and the symptoms exactly match the coronavirus. That’s a trap. It tricks you into using your energy to shore up their reality, which is fear-based and constructed and limited in such a way as to render it easily controlled and conducive to the needs of the controllers. Whenever you see control in action, it is always an effect of fear. The operational duality of reality is ‘my reality’ and ‘other realities’. Creative imagination is the tool, not only to transmute fear, but to transform your perception and generate your own reality. It’s time to emerge from Plato’s cave.

Fear is transmitted from body to body and through the vibrations of water. (See: Healing the Waters.) Quarantine is helping to limit the transmission of fear, but you can still pick it up and bring it home whenever you go outside and pass within a few metres of some one locked in fear. The spine and the pelvic bowl act like a pendulum and resonate in sync with the strongest frequencies around, like grandfather clocks. Both men and women pick up the frequencies, which affects all the water in your body. It’s why you want to pee if you are nervous, as that’s your body’s way of protecting itself (and others around you) by evacuating water that has become tainted by fear. Women are more likely to take on the fear and make it their own, due to the special creative powers of the uterus, whereas men will often just transmit it unconsciously.

We have been aware of this issue for a while, and acting on the instructions from our unique bio-feedback teacher, Freya. She is far more sensitive than any of us, and if she ‘leaks’ after Dean has come back from town, or if some one has visited, we know they are transmitting fear and we take action to dispel it. I’m describing here the methods we use, tried and tested, but there are many others. This is just one way to protect yourself and to participate actively in resolving this crisis.

Animal to animal fear (including human animals) involves the sacral chakra. Direct and immediate fear, as in being chased by a bear, involves the root chakra. You can, of course, turn some one else’s fear into your own, through the power of imagination. Worry is using your imagination to create the reality you don’t want, the consensus reality that runs on fear and says you, as an individual, have no power. You then limit your perception according to their rules, thus confirming their worldview and realty construct. You can transmute indirect fear by energizing the sacral chakra, but first you have to generate for yourself a reality that enables you to do that, by using your creative imagination. If you have bought the crock that says: reality is fixed according to what I can perceive through my ordinary senses, smash and burn it – but then you wouldn’t be reading this post.

In our reality, Dean the Warrior-King (and also the Trickster) goes into town on forays to bring back supplies, wearing his cloak of invisibility (actually it’s my cloak that I lend to him) and armed with his special power of causing uncontrollable laughter to anyone who might intend to cause him harm. He is fearless anyway, but when you engage your imagination in this way, some very interesting and useful things happen. First of all, you begin to play – as adults we do not play enough. This invites the spirit of Lila, the dancing playful energy of the cosmos, who gives you a surge of energy, so She can play with you. When you have more energy, you feel good, strong and confident and are less affected by other people’s fears. Selecting an archetypal role to play with, brings in yet more strength and confidence, and also some good options if needed: what would my archetype do in this situation? This is all play; Dean neither believes nor not believes himself to be a Warrior-King, it’s just a game. However, using your imagination stimulates your brain to release happy hormones, which affects your perception and causes you to take notice of some things rather than others. You interpret the signals received through your senses, not only according to previous experience, but according to how you feel at the time and you then make it real through how you act, or not, confirming your preconceptions. You literally make it all up, all the time. (The sense of smell has a defining role in reality generation, which I touched upon in Melissa: Queen of the Bee Haven and which I’ll cover in more detail in a separate post.)

Obviously, being out in Nature as much as possible, getting your feet on the earth and the sun on your skin, gives you an energy boost too. The dreaming power comes from the Divinity of the Earth and She gives you all the energy you need to be invincible. Keeping your chakras open enables you to receive this energy. I’ve described a reliable method to open your chakras here: Grinding Gears and the Killer Chakra. This method needs a friend and that’s not so easy these days, so we’ve tried and tested another method for transmuting contagious fear, so that you don’t allow it to shape your reality and so that you don’t pass it on to others.

The sacral chakra is intimately involved in relationships, emotions and generating creative solutions. This self-correction method involves a mudra, breathwork and a visualization. This image below shows the mudra: right hand held in left-hand for women and left-hand held in right hand for men, with thumbs touching.

Sacral Mudra (female version)

Rest your hands in the lap, just below the navel. You then breath deeply into your belly and release, it doesn’t matter whether you breathe through your mouth or nose. As you breathe in and out you hold this image in your mind.

Sacral chakra geometry

This is the geometric shape that pertains to the sacral chakra and it’s coloured orange. As you breathe in and out with the image in your mind, you vibrate the geometry of the sacral chakra with your mind, which activates it in your body. It will also affect other people around you and in your ancestral clan.

The game is ‘for reals’. Throw off the covers and come out to play!

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  1. Ha ha! This article really makes me sick…with envy! I’ve just come in from sitting in the sun with bare feet on the earth, bees buzzing busily around the blossom in concentric circles of pollen-laden glee to the joyous accompaniment of merrily chirping birds exalting in their freedom of flight, jotting down tentative titbits on the subject of our true purpose in being here today, as opposed to living in fear, – and what do I see, sizing up to me, but this excellent cover-up 😉

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