Goodbye New Year 01-01-14

Goodbye New Year 01-01-14

To my dear friends: Let’s celebrate this ‘New Year’ by ditching it altogether!

If New Year feels like such a pressure to go out and spend loads of money chasing a good time that ends up being such an anti-climax, when you would rather be holed up at home.  RELAX, it’s not really New Year anyway!  If you feel this way, honour it.  You are not a killjoy, unable to enjoy yourself or (Goddess forbid) getting old.  You are AWAKENING and feeling reality, as opposed to normality.  It doesn’t feel right to you because it isn’t and you are, in fact, connecting with something far older and deeper.

Here’s what my friend and mystic Dav Panesar has to say about it:

Ever wondered why YOU mindlessly celebrate “New Year” in the middle of winter?

“New” means a freshness, a birth, a rebirth, a beginning. Everything is existence works in cycles, a series of events that are regularly repeated in the same order which have their own NATURAL rhythms. These cycles and rhythms are the manifestation and interplay of energies. These energies operate within cycles which have a start, middle, end, restart, middle, end, restart and so on. The energies begin, increase in strength, reach their maximum/optimum levels and begin to recede to end and begin again. Think of the seasons, spring, summer, autumn and winter, or day into night, night into day. Human beings are not separated from Existence,they are in it and of it too! and therefore subject to the same natural rules as everything else. Human beings are blessed with awareness to recognize what being alive means, to evolve from ego-eccentric beings, towards self actualized, self-realised and final self-sovereign beings.

However, many are prevented from achieving their potential by ensuring that they are not harmonized with the natural energetic cycles, but deliberately dis-harmonized through the ARTIFICIAL TIME CONSTRUCT introduced by Pope Gregory, your Gregorian Calendar. A chaotic calendar, with 30, 31, and 28 days in 12 months, but most importantly completely out of phase with the Universe and its energies.

To help illustrate the importance of being harmonized with natural cycles, as every Gardner know, a seed has its own season to be sown in order for it to GROW, mature and evolve. When planted in the “right” season, spring or autumn, the seed harmonizes with the conditions necessary for it to germinate and grow to maturity. Plant the same seed in winter and its unlikely to germinate let alone grow.

Those who understand these natural energy cycles, also understand that by “planting” seeds in the wrong season, ensures dis-harmonizing, mutation, dormancy and death. Individuals (seeds, likes of you and I) “plant” themselves in a number of ways, including investing emotional and intentional energies and reinforcing an artificial restart by engaging mindlessly in following the crowd consensual reality. This consequently embeds all participants within the receding, dying energetic cycles of winter. The New Year as recognized according to the Gregorian Calendar is an artificial time construct, out of syn with universal cycles and rhythms.

May 2014 awaken you to the dis harmonizing Illuminati ritual of “New year” held in the season of death, dormancy and lifelessness, and may you harmonise with the Universal cycles by recognizing and participating in the natural renewal of the year in Spring.

Your resolutions don’t work, because they are out of sync with the natural cycle of things.  However, this calendar year on January 1st,we have a very special opportunity to bring ourselves into harmony with existence because we have a supermoon at the same time.

A supermoon is a perigee moon, meaning that on its elliptical orbit it is closest to the earth at this time, so the effects are stronger than otherwise.  Just think about how the moon affects the tides and consider that we are 70-80% water.  The lunar cycle affects us as ‘human animals’ far more than the Gregorian calendar and, once we are aware of it, we can work with the energies offered.

In Gaian terms, the new moon is a time for clearing out and letting go of old ‘programmes’ as we prepare our new ‘intention’.  This is a matter of focus, as we bring the things that we want to let go of into awareness, whether they be ideas, practices, habits or relationships, the new is already forming in our unconscious minds.  We simply can’t expect new ideas (seeds) to take root at this time, because it is totally out of sync with the very real activities of Mother Earth.  (And if you are in the southern hemisphere, it’s not too different either – your resolutions will just fry as opposed to being frozen!) That’s why New Year’s resolutions are so often abandoned by February.

If you want to align yourself with the energies of the Earth and her Moon, try this approach.  It is effortless, once you get the hang of it, because you are working with Nature and all her energy is supporting you.  And the best bit about it is that you have 13 tries throughout the cycle of four seasons that make up the year!

CLEAR: days 1 – 4 to start the new cycle

ATTUNE: days 5 – 8, four days, inclusive

DEFINE: days 9 – 13, five days, inclusive

REFLECT and SELECT: days 14 – 21, eight days, inclusive

REFINE: days 22 -25, fours days, inclusive

COMPLETE: days 26 – 29/30, four days, inclusive,

Day 30 the final day of the cycle

And here’s what my friend and astrologer, Sharon Galliford ,has to say about this new moon:

 New Year’s day this time round is consumated by a new moon conjunct Pluto and Mercury, square Uranus and Mars with Uranus square Mars too. This gives us plenty of scope to disassemble our old paradigms and really go for a massive upheaval in order to put energy into what we really want in terms of our soul’s desires being made manifest. The old paradigms are going through the death throes and trying to take us with it. We need to be true to ourselves and the more ‘eccentric’ the better!!! However, remember this is all to be done in ‘relationship’ (Mars in Libra) so be kind to all around for they are less likely to know what on earth hit them!

So, let’s celebrate this ‘new year’ by throwing it on the slag heap of our so-called civilisation and returning to the lunar calendar of our ancestors.

See you at the real New Year, the Equinox March 2014!





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