Healing the Waters

Healing the Waters

What if there was such a thing as healing water? True holy water, sacred water; water that can heal any ailment. Would you drink it? Would you even taste it?

Surprizingly, to me at least, many people will turn their heads away. Others will accept the offer with a smirk, only with the intention of disputing the claim. Whatever happened to open-minded scepticism? Whatever happened to innocence? I’m sure you have a few answers to those questions, but are you willing to return to childlike innocence, despite all you have learned? Could you do that even if you wanted to?

Inability to do what you want to do, is not caused by lack of will power, or inherent weakness – and please do not even consider giving your power away to any false and incompetent authority figure in a story from a different era. Inability to do what you want to do, feeling stuck, is primarily due to unresolved emotional issues that have generated unhelpful habits. Bringing your emotions into harmony is vital for your own health and regeneration and to clear your perception, so that your behaviour and actions can be in accordance with your desire and intention.

Acting out of emotional turmoil is a good way to use a lot of energy to achieve nothing very useful in the longer run – and there will be many, many re-runs. But controlling emotions, just creates a dam that will inevitably burst. I use the word ‘harmony’ specifically, to bring to mind the music of a clear mountain stream; there is energy and power, but it always flows. Easier said than done though, isn’t it? How do you let go of the emotions you don’t want, the ones that quite literally make you sick, so that you can develop healthier and happier habits? One way is with water – it’s not a metaphor for emotions, it is the source, the memory and the solution.

Do you feel it in your waters?

Recent research has proven what animists and healers have always known: that water has memory and the ability to communicate. But what does it remember? How and what does it communicate? What does this mean for humans and other life forms?

Prof. Dr. Bernd Kröplin of the Stuttgart Water Research Centre in Germany, photographs droplets of water as they dry under a darkfield microscope to show that water from different sources have unique patterns. When put in contact with information and living things the water droplets form new patterns that can be correlated to the exposure. His research has also shown that water exchanges information and influences other water, over a distance of around 1.5M.

The images below show how Berlin water reacts differently to water from the Ganges and local water.

Kröplin’s work confirms the earlier work of Dr Masaru Emoto, on how water responds to intention, emotion, words, symbols and music, as well as that of other researchers who have shown how water is affected by EMFs, mobile phones, microwaves etc. Kröplin concludes that, as adult humans are around 70% water, we are all participating in an involuntary and uncontrollable ‘channel of perception’ whenever we come into proximity with another human, or indeed, any other life form. More information can be found on the professor’s website: www.worldinadrop.com. It’s well worth a look.

So, water holds information about things its come into contact with and communicates this information to other water, including the water in human bodies. When you consider how water is treated in its journey from source to body, you really have to question what information it is sharing. It seems quite obvious that some of the distress and unease we feel at times originates from the water itself. We amplify that distress with our own emotions and unknowingly spread it like a disease to other life forms and back to the rivers, oceans, lakes and streams and all the underground waterways. And on it goes, a vicious vortex! The emotional body of the earth, Her waters, resonate with our turmoil, as well as all the other filth and pollution.

This documentary summarises the recent research and begins to ask some of these questions:

Healing the Waters is a way to break that cycle. Some indigenous peoples still conduct ceremonies and rituals to heal the waters of the Earth, just as their ancestors have done since the beginning of time and our water would have suffered more without their efforts. The children of Europa had these practices stripped from our collective memory before time was recorded. However, as it happens, the magical children of the Wisdom Goddess have already recovered this knowledge and you can hear the music returning to the waters of our homelands, if you listen carefully. If you can hear it, then this is your work. Water rituals are real – they work whether you believe in them or not. All the waters on this planet, biological and terrestrial, need healing and it’s something that anyone can do, anywhere, without any special skills, alone or with others.

Fear and Water

No one knows for sure where earth’s water came from, but some of it originated in the cold silence of space and was present in the earliest days of the earth’s formation. The first memory of those pristine waters must have been part of the original trauma of the Aeon Sophia as She transformed into the planet. Is this why the emotion most often associated with water is fear?

The interrelatedness of the elements, the seasons, the celestial bodies and the human body can still be found in Traditional Chinese Medicine; the water element is associated with winter and the kidney and bladder organs. In addition to the physical function of the kidneys, the Chinese consider the kidney organ system (including the adrenal glands) to be the ‘Minister of Power ‘and the ‘Root of Life’, as they are the storehouse of original qi. Weak kidney energy is considered to be causative factor in immune deficiency and feelings of fear and paranoia and strong kidney energy generates courage and willpower. In the Chinese system, the kidney and bladder meridians and organs are paired, as kidney fire vitalizes the system and separates the pure aspects of water from the impure. Contaminated water is transported to the bladder for storage and elimination and purified water is reused. It is well known that fear can cause involuntary urination, but the idea that, in some cases, fear can be emanating from the water itself is not considered.

The notion that the anthropine creature only has has senses and abilities that can be measured by scientific instruments is, of course, utter nonsense. All our senses and organs have occult functions that operate subconsciously, until recognized and trained. Kidneys, shaped like ears and connected to the ears in TCM, hear the shape of water and decode the information held in the form. For water, the shape is the memory. Nervous bladder can be for several reasons; sometimes it is a response to the resonance of stressed water caused by being in proximity to some one who is anxious or in fear (even though they might not be aware of it). If you have difficulty maintaining your emotional balance when faced with intense emotion in another, a problem for empaths and sensitives, you probably have a nervous bladder too. Rather than an irritation, that’s a sign that you are primed to heal the waters and you will find it easy to use ‘occult kidney energy’ to change the state of your own waters and other waters around you. The senses and organs are not just receptive; you are always changing material reality through your perception, not by what you think, but how you feel.

Freya, one of our dogs and my recently appointed teacher, (see: Yellow dock: badger medicine for a new story) demonstrated the water fear factor with the simple eloquence of her own body, over the past few months. She had become quite urinary incontinent – she would wake up in a puddle. I went through various courses of treatment, flaxseed for her hormones, St John’s Wort for her nerves and spine, Plantago Hommacord to support her immune system, apple cider vinegar and kelp for infection, walnut tincture for parasites and sulphur for pain. If she gets agitated, usually because there is some kind of energy around that she picks up and we are not aware of (such as when people show up with entities attached to them) I corect her chakras and sometimes give her a teaspoon of Melissa tea, which is calming and naturally sedative. Everything helped a little and the puddles shrank, but they didn’t disappear. We began looking for the behavioral patterns and noticed that they were worse when Dean came back from town, when people visited or even when we talked about certain subjects and she became anxious or excited. I found that if I reset her root chakra on these occasions the leaks stopped completely. (See: Grinding Gears and the Killer Chakra for the chakra correction process.) There was never anything wrong with her in this regard; when we calmed her down her body naturally expelled the contaminated water that did not ‘fit’ with her relaxed state – just as Kröplin had shown with the Berlin and Ganges water. Now, I hardly ever have to reset her root chakra. I feel a great love for the water and Freya for taking on the fear and revealing it, I thank them and it dissolves.

We use Ophiussa water restructuring discs for all our drinking water and water for the garden, to bring it back to its natural coherent state.

Much of the fear that flows around the planet is unconscious and programmed. It didn’t arise out of your own experience, but it affects your experience. Some of it arises out of the water itself – for sure, most of the waters of the earth are treated with the utmost disrespect. It’s all real fear and it keeps you in a stressed state that weakens your will and blinds you to what you are capable of within you own life. Healing the Waters and dissolving fear is a simple, effective and free way to help yourself, others and the Earth. No belief required, you get to know that it works through doing it and observing what shows up.

You cannot fail. The innocence of the future has already caused this to happen.

Water Ceremonies and Rituals

There is no set format for a water ceremony and any act you repeat is a ritual. However, there are a few matters to take into consideration:

  • anticipate results, with a kind of open-hearted excitement and pay attention. Usually, you will get some sign or evidence that your ceremony has been effective within 72 hours.
  • make an offering as part of your ritual or ceremony. Feeling gratitude to the water and ‘sending it love’ is a redundant thought-based projection. The act of making an offering shows gratitude.
  • focus on feeling and the information you receive from your senses. How do you feel when you drink certain water, or bathe in it? What does it taste like? What is the smell? How does that change following your ritual or ceremony?
  • timing is everything. It’s obvious that moon phases have an effect on water and so does solar activity. Affecting physical matter through intention, and the aim of a healing water ceremony is to change the shape of the water molecule, is most effective when the earth’s magnetic field is agitated. Coronal Mass Ejections, that release plasma create better conditions for this kind of work than solar flares and the window of opportunity is just before or when the CME bursts, not when it reaches the earth’s atmosphere. (See the work of Dr Stanley Krippner and Amyr Amiden for more on this.)
  • don’t swear at the rain!
  • only do this work with others that you feel completely relaxed and comfortable with, otherwise you’ll just make each other and the water feel worse. It’s not a judgment, it’s just a recognition of the fact that that is not the work for you to do together at that time.
  • you can restructure your drinking water by recognizing that you would not be alive without water and feeling genuine gratitude towards it. (It is still necessary to filter or distill most tap water before drinking it. I’m not consciously aware enough to take this time for our water, so I use our water structuring discs, that are available here.)

If you love some one and you recognize that you are loving the water in them, as well as all the elements and minerals in them that they bring together in a unique and beautiful pattern – just watch what happens!

I’d really like to hear about your ceremonies and how they’ve worked out.

Further Consideration

What is the effect of our collective consciousness on the waters of the planet and the weather systems?

In the Chinese view, water is the most yin of the elements and its season is winter because this is when nature sleeps and dreams of replenishment.

According to The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine:

“In winter all is hidden. Winter is the season of retirement into depth, because of the cold outside. At this time you must not disturb or disperse the yang (Fire, active) energy so that you can allow the yin reserves to be re-established within you.”

Is there a connection between the length and harshness of winter and the intensity of yin energy stored in the waters, including the inhabitants, of a region? I think so. I don’t accept the inevitability of the Grand Solar Minimum based on past models, because they do not recognize that the Earth and the Sun are ‘alive’ and have their own consciousness and interact with each other, and neither do they take human consciousness into account.

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