The Kitchen Garden

The Kitchen Garden

Food sovereignty

We are moving into very unsettled times with more extreme weather as the Grand Solar Minimum unfolds, civil unrest, higher fuel prices and economic instability contributing to further crop losses and increasingly expensive poisoned food.  If you have the time space to grow your own food, adopting permaculture or organic growing principles is a really good way to develop long-term self-reliance, as you take care of yourself and your family in a healthy and wholesome way. It’s not a ‘quick-fix’, but it will enable you to learn so much more than just how to grow your own food.  But. let’s assume you have arrived at this page because you are already interested in food sovereignty.  What next?

Our approach here is driven by self-reliance and our desire to learn how to take care of our basic needs, rather than have some one else do that for us.  Freshly picked home-grown organic vegetables are very different to store bought.  Not only do they taste better, but you are getting the benefit of especially tailored microbes to boost your immune system and bring you into resonance with the land.  (This is very worth doing from a regenerative and alchemical perspective.)

We enjoy learning through experimentation, trial and error, adjustment, retrial and more error and observation, contemplation and action. It´s OK to make mistakes!

We’re not about farming or selling our produce – somehow that seems like a continuation of the problem and as all our neighbours grow their own. there´s no market anyway.  Gardening is much more intimate than farming.  It’s not a job; it’s much more of a vocation and a pleasure.  After six years we are now growing a lot of our own vegetables and we begging to work on landscaping for pleasure and beauty.  We are also learning a great deal about how the land and even the weather respond to our activities, intentions and feelings.  We are becoming more and more weather-wise and I feel that this is a necessity if we want to survive climate change.

Humans are a permanent part of the landscape and that our activities will always have corresponding changes in the local environment.  The correspondence is inevitable and indelible, regardless of the fact that it has been largely invisible to most of the human inhabitants of the planet so far.  Correction and regeneration grows fractally; as we bring ourselves into balance within ourselves and within our local environment, so the whole system comes more into balance too.  So, despite the sure fact that life in general will only get more chaotic, I’m optimistic about our future.

My posts on the Kitchen Garden and related subjects are listed below.

Nature Wisdom Work Stay

We welcome interest from kindred spirits who want to get some practical experience in the garden, fields and woods around and have some skills to offer.

We take volunteers from May-September, more information here.

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