Nature Wisdom Work Stay

Nature Wisdom Work Stay

We offer a particular work stay experience, centred on learning from the Wisdom of Nature, as you help out in the garden and around the place.  If you love Nature and enjoy being in the peace of the countryside, away from civilization and are open to a sprinkling of Gaia’s magic, this could be something for you.

We are not in walking distance of any town or village and there is no public transport. We go into town for shopping, once or twice a week, which is about 30 minutes drive, but apart from that, we don’t go anywhere! Experience has shown us that couples are happier in this environment than single people – but that’s not a hard and fast rule.  We have dogs, cats and chickens, so you need to enjoy being around other animals – because they will all want to get to know you.

What we ask of volunteers:

We always need volunteers to help us with the garden. You need to be happy working in the garden relatively unsupervised, doing a variety of jobs such as weeding, mulching, digging, planting out, pruning etc.  There are always things to be improved, sometimes beds and planting plans to work out, so it’s a great opportunity to put permaculture or garden design skills to work in the field.

We usually ask for around 4 hours a day of work, depending on what’s going on….and if you can cook, play music, share something beautiful and interesting, so much the better.

You need to speak reasonable English, or Spanish with some English (so we can improve our Spanish). You need to be able to stay for a minimum of two weeks, between the beginning of May and the end of September.

What we offer volunteers:

We are in a very beautiful and peaceful location, with no neighbours. Accommodation is in a sweet self-contained and comfortable cabin about 50M from our house.

I harvest wild plants and make tinctures, oils and teas throughout the year.  I work with intuition and perception and am happy for you to participate in any of these activities to sharpen our skills together.

We eat a main meal together at our house most days and we provide food for breakfast and snacks, coffee and tea etc for you to self-cater the rest of the time. We are omnivores and I am an excellent cook. We’re happy to share beer and wine with you.

We have satellite internet at the house, which you can use with your own devices. We will pick you up at our local station when you arrive and drop you off there when you leave.

If you look through this site and the Get-in-touch page you’ll see that my areas of interest go beyond permaculture and organic gardening, so we especially welcome interest from individuals interested in nature wisdom, regeneration and natural health. Likewise, if you have no interest in the invisible or spiritual worlds, this might not be the best opportunity for you.

Have a look around this site and if you think this might be what you are looking for, get in touch; tell us a bit about yourself/selves, what you’ve done that’s relevant, why you want to come and when.

Some feedback from our 2018 volunteers:

“Starting in Sweden we arrived in lush Galicia by the end of a very hot July. Quite a moment when we met the two beautiful heiden souls Dean and Yolanda. And their three amazing dogs Tulku, Freya and Izzy. And then the cats: Shen, the lover and Lila, the spirit. Not to forget the beautiful fierery rooster Zubi and his chicken the Starlets. Quite a gang.

There we were, excited and unaware of all the adventures to come. Eventually we stayed four months in the valley of the dragon. And gosh, the dragon energy went through us in all we did. We helped to shape the garden further and took care of the plants. Marcus built a stunning greenhouse together with Dean and built a massive wall. Well, he would say he repaired it. So humble. I made plant medicine with Yolanda and dived deep into the plant spirits together with her. We spent many nights in the Tipi on the field and marvelled the stars and listened to Izzy’s bark when she was spinning her protection spell around us. We played endless hours with Tulku and cuddled with Lady Freya, who loves to stand in the way. We found a crystal clear river and collected amazing amounts of blackberries. And our connection with Mother Nature grew fonder and fonder. And while we shaped our surrounding, our insides simultaneously evolved further. Jupiter, Mars and Saturn were shining on us pushing us to expand from a solid foundation. And when dazzling Miss Jaqueline arrived adventures went even further down the rabbit hole. Gosh, we all learnt so much from each other, ourselves but most of all from our mother nature.

It was a wonderful summer – sweetened by Yolanda’s extremely tasty cooking, Dean’s jokes and the firepit next to Zubi, the fire rooster. And yet it was just the the start of something beautiful while we all journey our paths onwards. Tracing down our desires. With our fangs.”

Miriam & Marcus

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