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Parasite Take-out

I was going to call this post: don’t be a parasite lunch box, but parasite take-out has a double-meaning. Personally, I’m all for taking out all the parasites, at every level. But let’s start small, really small, microscopically small, but real and visible internal parasites and worms.

Worms or serpents?

Internal parasites have been the scourge of man and beast since the beginning. In the ancient world it was well-known that many diseases were caused by parasites and worms. One particular worm, the Dracunculus medinensis, aka the guinea worm or ‘fiery serpent’, would lay its eggs in tiny crustaceans in contaminated water. Once ingested the larvae would hatch in the gut and make their way down to the lower limbs to emerge from the skin in water, to continue their cycle. Skilled priest-physicans of the time, guided by Imhotep of Egypt, would cut the skin in front of the worm and roll it out onto a stick as it crawled into the wound. After the fall of the Egyptian Empire, this healing power reappeared in Asklepios, the Greek god of healing. He is always shown holding a staff with a serpent coiled around it. However, another interpretation of the Rod of Asklepios is that it is a worm, rather than a serpent, coiled around his staff. This caught my attention, as it brings to mind the 13th constellation, Ophiuchus, the Snaketamer. Is it a snake or a worm he is wrestling with? I am exploring this in more detail in another post, as I want to focus on the practical elements here.

Asklepios, Archeological Museum Athens

Parasitical infection

In my opinion, the whole world is currently infected, to a greater or lesser extent, by parasitic worms, rather than a theoretical entity that can never be isolated and operates as an effective smoke screen. Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine kill parasites and that’s why people recover and feel better, not because they relieve symptoms caused by a made-up entity that has never been isolated. There is no mystery to it, but there is a huge deception and misdirection as the medical professional has been trained to ‘see’ viruses over many years, just as ordinary people have been trained to accept their diagnoses.

This is acutely pertinent now as many parasites breed at the full moon, as they need to make their way back to a water source to proliferate. At the full moon they are also easier to kill as they detach from the intestinal walls to breed and lay eggs. Don’t kid yourself. Everyone has parasites, but they only become problematic for a healthy individual when there are too many of them. A significant proportion of the human population have compromised their immune systems with unidentified injected substances and are becoming a breeding ground for parasites. Their symptoms will accelerate from the full moon, which is on the 21st September, immediately followed by the Autumn Equinox the day after. The sun stimulates the production of Vitamin D, which support the immune and detoxification systems, so as the hours of sunlight decrease, so does our ability to deal with toxins and parasites. There is no flu season, there is just autumn and winter and we need to prepare for them properly.

I am anticipating a surge in parasite shedding, so we are boosting our own parasite protocols before the full moon. To be clear, we are healthy and have not taken the poison, so I’m talking about preventive measures rather than treatment.

Parasite protocol

There is no substitute for living in balance with Nature and death and destruction are an unavoidable aspect part of Nature’s rebalancing. This is a really good time to reduce your dependence on the system where possible and to bring yourself into alignment with Nature and the organic world. If you can grow at least some of your own food, wild juice when you can, you will maintain a healthy microbial colony in your gut that will support your immune system and help maintain an internal ecology that is unappealing to parasites.

We only use natural products for worming our animals and for our own parasite control. Pharmaceuticals might work faster, but the cost to the body is too high, so far as I’m concerned. Parasite control is a life-long responsibility under the current conditions of life on this planet, rather than an occasional thing. The big issue with parasites is not just the parasites themselves, but their waste products that are highly toxic. This means that effective parasite control must include:

  • Killing the parasites.
  • Detoxifying to eliminate parasite waste products
  • Maintaining an internal environment that is unappealing to them.

We used worming tablets once on our dogs and Tulku had such a bad reaction that I will never do that again. I found out after that some border collie and border collie mixes are known to have nasty reactions to several worming preparations, including Ivermectin.

Our protocol varies from month to month and season to season. This is mostly because I work entirely intuitively and can’t deal with systems and measurements, but it is also useful as parasites are highly adaptive and evolve quickly to respond to anything that is regularly administered – best to mix it up a bit. These are the preparations I regularly use:

Walnut tincture:

I make our walnut tincture from European walnuts that grow here. The black walnut, Juglans nigra, is most often recommended in a parasite cleanse, but both the black walnut and the European walnut are effective, as they both contain a lot of the tannins juglone, juglandine and juglandic acid, as well as iodine and quinone compounds. The key is to use the whole of the walnuts when green, including the husks. The alcohol will turn dark-brown/black after a few weeks.

The tannins are toxic, which is why they kill parasites, so we don’t use it through the whole year. Nature guides you. The green walnuts are harvested in the summer and the tincture is ready for use in the winter months. I also make a delicious walnut liqueur, with cloves (another anti-parasitical) cinnamon and lemon zest.

Ground pumpkin seeds:

Pumpkin seeds cause parasites to release their grip on the intestinal wall because they contain a compound called cucurbitacin. Cucurbitacin is also found in courgettes/zucchini, which are helpfully tagged with a bitter taste, so you are not tempted to eat too much. As always, Nature’s own medicine is vilified, so you will find stories of cucurbitacin poisoning on gardening sites, when in most cases any discomfort is the result of parasites being expelled rather than poisoning.

We give the dogs and cats ground pumpkin seeds on their food for a few days either side of the full moon, when we remember. We have it on yoghourt, oatmeal, fruit salads.

This year has been an epic year for courgette/zucchini. Another sign.


Neem oil is one of the few things I buy that is not European. It comes from a tree that is native to India and Africa, but it is excellent for eliminating internal and external parasites.

I use it in the summer as a topical application about once a week, mixed 50/50 with olive oil, for the dogs and cats to eliminate fleas. It seems to stun the fleas, making it easier to comb them out and it helps keep them away a bit longer too.

I’m currently using it as part of the parasite protocol boost for a few days either side of the full moon – a teaspoon of the oil in the dog food and a dab on the base of thee tail for the cats, as they will lick it off themselves.

I’ve just bought some Neem tea for us. Update on Neem Tea, here. It was highly effective.


Don’t overlook the humble and garlic, another maligned medicine-food. Yes, it should be used sparingly, it is a medicine more than a food. It is neurotoxic, but that’s how it kills parasites in the blood that have crossed thee blood.brain barrier.

We grow our own garlic and I use a couple of cloves once or twice a week. It is safe for dogs, but should not be used raw for them, as it can be harsh on their stomachs.


Iodine supports the thyroid gland in cleaning the blood of fungus, harmful microbes, blood-borne parasites and their waste products. It is a powerful and fast acting cleanser, destroying harmful bacteria on contact. Iodine sensitivity is a real issue, which has also been twisted and used to turn people away from this essential compound.

I take two drops of Lugol’s iodine 5% in water, no more often than twice a week.

I give the dogs powdered kelp, which is high in iodine, when I think it will be helpful to them. The chickens get a teaspoon of powdered kelp in a special food mix once a week.

Diatomaceous earth:

I use food grade diatomaceous earth for the chickens. It is finely ground fossilized sea creatures and it has an abrasive effect on the surface areas of parasites that kills them. It can be used to eliminate parasites in cats, dogs and humans too, but it needs to be used regularly, every day for two weeks or more, by putting it on their food. If I suspected that the dogs had an infestation, I would add it to their food every day until they were clear. The cats won’t eat it after a couple of days, so it’s not worth it for them.

It also works for ants, mites and other crawling insects, so we use it around the chicken coop and in their dust bath.

Apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar has no direct effect on parasites, but is excellent in supporting the liver in detoxifying and making an internal environment that parasites don’t like, by reducing acidity (even though it is an acid vinegar it produces an alkaline response, like lemon juice) and encouraging beneficial microbes.

I’m lucky enough to be able to make ACV from our own apples, which gives another level of benefit.

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil has excellent anti-fungal properties. This is fungus season and the body recruits fungus to deal with parasite waste. A lot of throat issues at this time of year are caused by fungus being expelled and sporing – coconut oil on your throat will help draw any fungus out of your skin.

This full moon is the full moon closest to the Equinox and is also known as the Harvest Moon. Make sure that you are not on the menu.

Update on this post here.


  • Elise

    Thank you, Yolanda ~ once again you speak to what is on my mind lately ~ parasites, on all levels! I’m reminded of Dr Hulda Regehr-Clark’s thick books and advice on this subject with the black walnut hull tincture, and it is all a good boost for me to ‘deal with it’ in my world just now. Many thanks and warm regards to you and yours.

    • Yolanda

      Hi Elisa – so many of us are getting this same message now and we are dealing with it! Good to hear from you and love to you and yours too.

  • John Neild

    Good to read this because I’ve been on the Chlorine dioxide (MMS) protocol for 3 weeks now. I’m up to 22 drops in 10ml water & gulp 1 ml per hour.

    I was guided to it for a different reason & I have since found out it’s perfect for neutralising the spike protein. It’s also the most powerful anti-parasitic if you do the 1 month protocol properly.

    Funnily enough, I just found out, a few hours before your post, that pumpkin seeds are anti-parasitic. I’ve been putting soaked pumpkin seeds in my smoothies for many years now.

    It’s funny how I just do these things & then find out later why.

    • Yolanda

      We have been trained to disregard out intuition. Slave-self identity, on the way out. Having had the opportunity to be around a couple of individuals who had taken the poison recently, I felt that their immune systems had gone into hyperdrive and mine was revving up in resonance. Once I recognized that, I could relax and allow the clearing in myself. For sure, the assault causes spike proteins in the affected individual, but I’m not convinced by the theories regarding transmission – we have immune systems and they are working!

      Good to hear that you are following your own intuition.

  • Dan L

    Hi, I posted a comment in the ‘update’ entry regarding my discovery and use of Artemisia (Wormwood) – it is the basis behind HCQ (china pharm) use to treat the Malaria parasite. There’s a great little documentary about a french woman (MD i think) who helped develop a method for African villages to grow their own Artemisia from which they brew whole-plant tea. The entire village lines up for their daily ‘cup-o-tea’ and it has basically ended the malaria problems in those villages. I think she got started because of the extremely high prices the pharmafrauds put on hcq.

    • Yolanda

      ‘Coincidentally’ I’ve just been sorting out my seed bank and found some wormwood seeds that I’d bought a couple of years ago and thought: I’d better keep them! Thanks for the info.

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