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Parasite Take-out Update

Neem Tea

In my previous post, Parasite Take-out, I mentioned that I’d just ordered some Neem Tea, which I intended to use as part of my parasite protocol. I’ve now taken it four times and the results are impressive.

It tastes awful, extremely bitter. I couldn’t drink it at the recommended dose, one teaspoon per cup. A third of a teaspoon was all I took. The day after the first cup, I had a slight headache, which had the feel of registering toxins in my bloodstream. A good result, so I had another cup the next day and the headache intensified slightly and I woke up in a sweat and began to feel itchy, like flea bites. Bit it wasn’t flea bites.

Then Dean showed me this post from Jim Stone:

Source: Jimstone.is

I took this as confirmation of being on the right track with my focus on parasites and had another cup of Neem tea (the third). Then things got interesting.

Within an hour, I had itchy bumps, that looked like flea bites, all over my upper torso. Especially around the lymph nodes, underarms and breasts.

Parasites or Morgellons?

As it happened, I had just bought a very cheap pocket microscope with 30x magnification. It is not digital, so I can“´“’t take photos with it, but it was sufficient to see several black thread like entities, seeming to emerge from each of the eruptions. Some were small and some quite long, some were crumpled up. They moved, but did not seem to be self-propelling. It was more as if they were moved by lymph fluid or other liquid in the body.

I searched for ‘black thread like parasites’ and this is what I found that looked exactly like them:

Parasite or morgellons? Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8HMAvVzxfM

And this:

Source: https://zazenlife.com/2012/01/27/morgellons-disease-delusion/

And this:

After the Neem Tea, Dean had them too.

Symptom of disease OR sign of healing?

For many years, I’ve been saying to people: is what you are experiencing a symptom of disease or a sign of healing? This is a very important question, as in ALL cases, symptoms are the result of your healing processes and should be supported, rather than suppressed.

In the past two weeks, before this event, I had been saying: if worms suddenly start crawling out of your skin, is it because you are diseased or because you are healing? Well, now I get to answer that question and technically it’s both, but the healing process is now obvious and that is a key point. Once you see these things, you can relax. The conscious mind is engaged in the clearing and detoxification process and so is Mother Nature, who operates in and through us. Is it a coincidence that Cumbre Vieja in La Palma and other European volcanoes are going off now? I don’t think so. The Earth is detoxifying and so must we.

In truth, I don’t care whether this is parasites, morgellons or some other nano fibre, it does not belong in my body and I’m glad my immune/detoxifiction system is pushing it out. I took another cup of Neem tea and also took boron and apple cider vinegar as this is said to stop any nano particles assembling themselves. There was a second flush, but it was only about 10% of the first time around and the itchiness has calmed down considerably.


I bought a better microscope to look at these fibres and I think they are most likely fungal. In my opinion as a non ex-spurt, I suspect that the fungus was eating the parasite waste and now that the parasites are diminished the fungus is no longer needed and is being expelled too. Fungus takes the shape of its location in the body, so thee fibres are shaped like blood vessels and lymph channels.


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