My main reason for writing this blog is that I can imagine what the world would be like if more of us were free to follow our instincts and desires. I live that way myself, to the best of my ability, and I want to engage with more people who are ready, willing and able to do the same.  The issues I write about are things that come up in my life, what I think about them, what action I’m taking and what I’m learning in the process. The pleasure of writing and sharing is enough in itself, but I also like to think that I might be throwing gas on the fire that cremates a few sacred cows into extinction, here and there. This is one of those endangered creatures.

Oil is not a fossil fuel

Oil is not a fossil fuel made from the bodies of ancient dinosaurs and petrified forests. It is a mineral and it is replenished from within the earth. Scientists working for the Rockefellers invented the term ‘fossil fuel’ in1892.  The ‘oil is a fossil fuel’ scam is running out on empty.

This is how it started: Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty: The Origin of Fossil Fuel & Peak Oil

The Russians have known this for decades because the former Soviet Union tasked its top scientists to identify the source of oil, during the isolationist years of the Cold War.  In 1956, Russian scientist Professor Vladimir Porfir’yev announced that “crude oil and natural petroleum gas have no intrinsic connection with biological matter originating near the surface of the earth. They are primordial [originating with the earth’s formation] materials which have been erupted from great depths.”

He said oil doesn’t come from anything biologic, not, as conventional wisdom dictates, from the fossilized remains of dinosaurs and/or ancient plant matter. It comes from very deep in the earth and is created by a biochemical reaction that subjected hydrocarbons (elements having carbon and hydrogen) to extreme heat and intense pressure during the earth’s formation.

Russians referred to this oil (any oil, really) as “abiotic oil” because it is not created from the decomposition of biological life forms, but rather from the chemical process continually occurring inside the earth.

Shortly after the Russians discovered this, they started drilling ultra-deep wells and finding oil at 30,000 and 40,000 feet below the earth’s surface. This is far below the depth at which organic matter can be found, which is 16-18,000 feet.

According to Fletcher Prouty, geology books stated that oil was a fossil fuel and this is what was taught to geologists, so they believed it to be true. Another example of how these parasites lied to gain control of the world’s energy system. Up until recently, a Google search would always produce results that told you exactly how oil, a ‘fossil fuel’ was made from dead dinosaurs and a scarce commodity. The fact that oil was being drilled at significantly lower levels than detritus from any living thing could possibly be found was conveniently ignored. Now, there are two kinds of oil apparently; biotic (from dead matter) and abiotic from naturally occurring geological processes.  The narrative is now out of control.

In 2014, NASA conformed that hydrocarbons aka fossil fuels were, in fact, plentiful in the solar system.  Russians & NASA Discredit ‘Fossil Fuel’ Theory: Demise of Junk CO2 Science  So much for scarcity!

Once it was no longer possible to hide the fact that oil is abiotic and therefore not a finite resource the scarcity pricing model and peak oil scam, that kept oil prices artificially high, became harder to maintain. Enter man-made global warming, zero carbon emissions and Agenda 21. These despicable creatures, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and friends have manipulated the global energy and financial markets for the past century, cheating their way into creating and controlling the energy and finance industries. There is no ‘natural’ pricing on any globally traded commodity and oil is the most widely traded global commodity. They were instrumental in moving the US off the gold standard and into the petrodollar in 1971 and might well have stolen the gold that used to be in Fort Knox.

Brother Nathanael explains the petrodollar scam, that is now breaking down, very succinctly.

As I’m writing this is late January, the price of oil is still falling, but the dollar is being propped up by Jacob Jew-Lew and the Deep State Exchange Stabalization Fund. More on this here:

America’s Most Closely Guarded Secret: The Covert Fund That Controls It All — Rob Kirby


The world is currently awash with oil and it’s not going to run out. What we’re seeing now is the next stage in the game, in which the Jooman Parasites intend to bankrupt the competition and claim the assets in lieu of debt. Saudi Arabia is looking like a ‘jew-sy prospect’ in that regard.  No doubt the global economy is about to be re-arranged, but the enemy is not in control of the situation.

In a world that wasn’t ravaged by the toxic marriage of debt and war, a low price on a commodity as essential as oil would be a good thing, but in the upside-down world of today this is not the case. Oil producing countries need to sell their oil at a high rate in order to finance their Rothschilds Central Bank created debt. In order to prevent countries from getting out of debt by producing other goods to sell the Jooman Parasites have engineered climate change/global warming. The Climate Change Conspiracy, a Rockefeller initiative, demands phasing out fossil fuels – when there is no such thing as fossil fuels – to save the planet. Do not be fooled by the ‘save the earth’ clamour of the communist-liberal environmentalists. In just a few hours you will find that the scientific data are a shambles, corrupted and misrepresented at almost every level and for so long as geo-engineering is not considered to be part of man-made climate change, you know you are looking at another scam. If you have any doubts at all, just look at who is behind all these problems, climate change/global warming, energy/oil and finance and ask yourself what they could have done with all their fabulous wealth if they were really acting for the good of life on this planet..

From the Gaian perspective, the oil industry is a dirty, greedy polluter and totally unnecessary for the well-being and prosperity of humanity. I think that Gaia-Sophia has had enough of a few infected parasites plundering the wealth of Her Body and using it to control, enslave and destroy the sovereign people of the Earth. Perhaps Her original intention was for oil to be a lubricant, which makes a lot of sense. However, She is not going to solve this problem for us. Those are not the terms of the experiment here and, ultimately, the future of humanity depends upon us recovering our sovereignty and discovering our genius. At the same time as trying to enforce a zero-emissions straitjacket on human ingenuity, these parasites have ruthlessly suppressed all alternative energy and clean technology devices for decades. I suspect that this is about to change, because it is only at crisis point that we will see the solutions.

The key survival tactic of a parasite is stealth, well, that game is up, isn’t it?


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