Rude Health

Rude Health

Innate healing

Rude health is generally taken to mean ‘strong and healthy.’ Rude comes via Old French rude from Latin rudis ‘rough, raw’ and is thought to have denoted ‘rough unpolished stone’.  The term ‘pagan’ was a pejorative term used by the Romans to refer to the peasants, uneducated country-folk, the last european animists.  So, rude pagan health has a good, robust feel to it and that’s one of the threads I’m picking up here and weaving into the fabric of life, with a gnostic-Sophianic spin on it.

Self-healing is a divine endowment available to all – everyone is innately self-healing, but a lot of effort goes into making sure you don’t discover that for yourself.  You were born with the pharmacopeia of local healing plants fully installed, but the knowledge isn’t triggered by looking at boxes on pharmacy shelves.  You have to be out in nature, where the intelligence of the earth can touch you and guide you to what you need. Therapies and medicines provide the necessary support until you are able to let go of whatever it is that blocks your healing, and it is usually some form of irrational fear, that nonetheless appears very real.

I use the terms ‘healer’ and ‘witch’ comfortably and interchangeably and in the full knowledge that I’ve never healed anyone, but I have witnessed wounds heal in minutes, tooth cavities repair, spines straighten, tumours and scars disappear as I watched and many other events that medical science considers to be impossible or a mere fluke. I did not cause any of these events to happen; but I did help people let go of some false programmes that had them working against themselves and in that moment, their innate healing burst through, unlimited by time.

My own healing became super-charged with a very rude ‘Fuck you, I don’t want your prescription, I’ll heal myself,’ to my general practitioner, when I finally saw the reality of the medical charade. I then went home and cancelled my private health insurance and completely healed myself from a bleeding stomach ulcer that I’d had for twenty odd years, in a few weeks.  The healing was instant when it happened, but it took me a while to get to the point where I could recognize it in myself.  First, I made the decision to heal myself and then I received, and followed, the guidance.  The guidance in this case was to filter and structure our drinking water.  Many years later I read  Your Body’s Many Cries For Water by Dr. Batmanhelidj, in which he describes peptic ulcer disease as being caused by thirst and cured by water.  I used a very expensive laser to structure our water back then, now we have a much cheaper option available. (See: ELFET/Biomimicry.)

I’m not recommending this as an approach to anyone, but you need to know that you will receive the guidance you need if you form the intention to heal yourself.  But you have to commit to following the guidance as unconflicted behaviour warps the weft of reality at a cellular level so that a healthier version of you has to emerge. I’ve witnessed hundreds of near-instant healing events in others and some that took a while – there are no special skills required but you have to do the work for yourself.  You are an individual and your life experience is unique – there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to healing, but there are many pointers as to the best direction. You need to practice discernment and try things out experimentally, (there is so much useless information out there) especially when your life might depend on it.  My husband has had three bouts of cancer, before we worked out a solution that worked for him.  He never once felt that his life was under threat, despite the best efforts of the medical profession who lied to get him to submit to their abominable treatment.  We didn’t go back to them for his last bout of skin cancer and eventually got rid of it: Iodine for skin cancer.

So, why doesn’t everyone heal all the time?  After years contemplating that question, I think that the short answer is refreshingly simple: it’s because you don’t know you can do that and/or you probably don’t love yourself enough to give it a whole-hearted chance and you don’t have sufficient cellular energy to create new healthy cells.  Yes, there are limits, when the damage is too severe, and there is always fate, waiting in the wings for that moment when your self-determinism deserts you, that one fatal error…….

Basic information on our tried and tested, home grown and natural ‘medicine cabinet’ here.


After healing comes regeneration – the ability to maintain homeostasis, to replace worn out and damaged cells, indefinitely.  Do you think that the ultimate destiny of the human species is to live a mere four score years and die in decrepitude?  I don’t.  If that were so, why do we still have stem cells, capable of replacing any other cell, spread throughout our bodies for the whole of our adult lives? The current average life-span, lived without interference, is generous enough and sufficient for many, but it’s nowhere near enough for me.  I’m not looking for immortality, but I’d really like to discover how to switch on the latent regenerative capacities of the human body.  I imagine that regeneration is activated through a particular combination of intention and action that connects kundalini fully to the senses and to the telluric currents of the earth…..and in the meantime you have to work out how to stay alive!

I’m totally confident that some one will work out how to live indefinitely, immersed in the living energies of the planet at some point, perhaps they already have and are just keeping quiet about it.  I thought about that too – what’s my motivation for making this quest public?  There’s a lot to learn from other people, that’s for sure, but mostly it’s about enjoyment – the pleasure of interesting travelling companions on a long journey.  My aim with this site is to learn, share knowledge and make friends – it is also an excellent way of surviving and thriving through the turmoil that is about to be unleashed..

Pagan roots of self-healing

As a Sophianic gnostic-pagan, I’ve turned my back on medical technology, pharmaceuticals, fake food, AI and anything that leans towards transhumanism.  I think it’s all a total scam, preying on people’s vulnerability and ignorance while conning them into giving up on the only real power they have access to – the power of the Aeonic Mother.  It’s been going on for centuries, even though It doesn’t even work for the so-called elites – do any of them look healthy and happy to you?  The joke’s on them and they’ll never get it.

We live off-grid in a cob and stone house, surrounded by wooded hills.  As I write this, in the autumn of 2018, we’re completing the summer harvest and the beds are now ready for the winter seedlings that will be planted out shortly.  The barn is full of chopped wood for the stove and the new greenhouse is nearly finished.  We need to upgrade the irrigation system for the garden over winter, as well as various other projects.  It’s not a life of modern convenience, but we live in comfort surrounded by beauty and fully interactive with the seasonal regeneration of the garden and the land.  I can’t imagine how it could be possible to engage in regeneration in any other way, but who knows?  And who tells, even if they do know? Essentially, this comes down to epigenetics, which addresses how gene expression – and therefore predilection to both health and disease – is affected by your environment and your consciousness.

Dr Bruce Lipton has described this interaction in his books, The Biology of Belief and Spontaneous Evolution.  My personal experience is that it is more useful to work with intention, rather than belief.  Intention opens you up to guidance (and it helps to know who is guiding you) and new experience and knowledge, whereas belief tends to work as a substitute for wisdom.  That said, see this short clip in which he explains why you don’t need pharmaceuticals, as your brain/body system are capable of manufacturing all that you need…. and I agree with him on that and he explains it well here.

The posts accessible via this page cover our experiences related to self-healing supported by the plants that grow here and accessing your innate healing and transformative powers.  This isn’t a comprehensive list, it’s just what I’ve tried and tested and what I’ve had time to write about.

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