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Water structuring disc

The disc provides a quick, easy and cost effective way to bring structure and coherence to water and other drinks, for improved hydration, health and cellular communication. It is best used with distilled or filtered water, which is dead clean water, to revitalize the water and bring it back to its optimum condition. (It also improves the taste of wine and other drinks.)

To use simply place the disc beneath your flat-bottomed glass or jug containing the water/liquid you want to treat. The disc will restructure a 2L jug of water in 3-5 minutes and purchasers have reported that it works on a 10L jug just as well.

Discs will be effective for 2-4 years, depending on your environment, after which natural entropy will ensue.

For more information on the technology and testing behind the products, click here.

Water structuring disc

The water structuring disc is made of surgical grade stainless steel, measuring 45mm in diameter. It has been treated with Electrical Field Entrainment Technology to bring coherence and structure to drinking water and other drinks.

P&P included in price.


Amulet for pain and stress relief

Many people use the water disc for pain relief, by taping the disc to the area of pain with surgical tape.  This works well and most people experience significant pain relief between 20 minutes and 1 hour.  The amulet, worn so it rests on or just above the thymus, provides continuous pain relief and amplifies innate bioenergetic frequencies so that the body is better protected from negative energies.  The beneficial effects are evident to the wearer within minutes and continue for up to four years. 

Pain relief amulet

Surgical grade stainless steel amulet, measuring 27mm by 36mm.  The amulet has been treated with Electrical Field Entrainment Technology, to bring pain and stress relief when worn.

Provided with a black waxed cotton cord, in a jute pouch.

P&P included in price.


Smart phone radiation protection tabs

These smart phone protection tabs use the same ELFET technology to provide relief from the harmful radiation caused by smart phones, cell phones, ipads and tablets cordless phones and other portable electronic devices.  In standard bio-energetic stress tests, the use of cell phone tabs reduced the stress in key systems and meridians to even less than it was for test subjects before the device was switched on and put close to the body.  The tabs do not provide a shield, instead they amplify the user’s own bioenergetic frequencies, so that they are less affected by radiation from the device.  Therefore, the effect does vary between individuals.

My bottom line for using any tool or device is: do I notice an improvement?  I am interested in lab research, I have been through the reports for these products and I know and trust the inventor.  However, it still must work for me. In fact, I think it’s a matter of survival that we learn to trust our own senses and I’m constantly working on simple biofeedback methods that anyone can use to help train their senses.  As a trained kinesiologist, I have been able to test this with other people myself and I’m satisfied with the results.

The discs are good for nine months.

Smart phone protection tabs
Smart phone protection disc

Made of surgical grade stainless steel, measuring 18mm by 34mm with a sticky pad on the back for attachment to your device.  The tabs are treated with Electrical Field Entrainment Technology, that amplify your innate bioenergetic frequencies and provide protection from smart phone radiation.

Price is for two tabs.

P&P included in price.


For more information on the Electrical Field Entrainment Technology behind these products and test results, click here.

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