The Cabin

The Cabin

We have put up a temporary cabin to stay in while we renovate the house.  It doesn’t have any foundation, so it can literally be picked up and moved and we have a compost toilet so we haven’t had to put in a septic tank.  We have electricity via cable from the consumer board on the main house and bottled gas for cooking.  We have been careful as possible to minimise our impact on the lans, whilst allowing ourselves reasonable comforts.  We love it.

Dean and Yolanda on the verandah Dexter and the cabin Cabin


We’ve put in a wood-burning stove for winter.  It is very efficient, but it hasn’t been very cold yet.  It’s mid-December as I write this and we only need to light it in the evening – and we were outside in t-shirts and had a BBQ today!  We had to buy wood this year and it turned out to be too wet to use. Luckily a friend swapped it for some dry wood.



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