Water in the New Real

Water in the New Real

Coherent Water

The new real is the reality we are consciously creating, with intent, as opposed to the archontic reality that is unconsciously generated, according to corrupt designs. The new reality transitions to a Golden Age through a channel of coherent water.

The human brain is approximately 85% water – it’s not much of leap to consider that it’s not just the volume of water that matters, but perhaps the quality too? It’s just not possible to reach your highest potential, or to participate fully in co-creation, without structured, coherent water. That is energised water that is structured as Nature intended – springing from the earth. Most of us do not have direct access to that kind of water, but there are many technologies available now that bring water back to its pristine nature. I’ve been structuring our water for over 10 years, initially with expensive lasers, and I now use this technology, which is much more cost effective and easy to use and I sell the products we use here, which funds my work.

As a kinesiologist, I could not ‘read’ my clients unless we were both properly hydrated and even those who didn’t like drinking water found themselves gulping down structured water before and after a session. I didn’t like drinking water until I began structuring it, as it just didn’t do much for me. Structured water, however, cured my peptic ulcer disease in less than three months, and it has never returned. Now that I enjoy optimum health, my focus is much more on the transformative and transductive effects of structured water – how it pertains not just to one’s individual health, but to our interaction with the Great Mother and the reality we co-create.


The Body Functions as a Solar-Powered Water Battery

In the new real, water is not just for hydration; it is a solar powered battery, that fuels many cellular functions, drives circulation and supports the heart.

The alchemical image of The Green Lion Devouring the Sun, shows more than photosynthesis in my mind, when you link the green of the heart chakra with the folklore correlations between the lion and the heart – this image can also be taken to depict the sun powering the heart. This is not as far-fetched as it might sound.

Green Lion Devouring the Sun

Stephanie Seneff, a computer research scientist at MIT, uses her computer language skills to synthesize volumes of studies in biology, to get to the bottom of what is really going on in many diseases. She has made the connection between sulphur and glucose metabolism and how sulphur deficiency underlies many diseases, see Sulfur deficiency. In the same article she raises the question: is the skin a solar-powered battery for the heart? Vitamin D (actually a hormone and not a vitamin at all) is synthesized in the kidneys, signified by the two ‘balls’ on the tail of the green lion.

Seneff summarizes the process like this:

“Why am I spending so much time talking about all of this? Well, if I’m right, then the skin can be viewed as a solar-powered battery for the heart, and that is a remarkable concept. The energy in sunlight is converted into chemical energy in the oxygen-sulfur bonds, and then transported through the blood vessels to the heart and skeletal muscles. The cholesterol sulfate and vitamin D3-sulfate are carriers that deliver the energy (and the oxygen) “door-to-door” to the individual heart and skeletal muscle cells.”

However, this article doesn’t mention the role of water in the process. Seneff gets to that in this presentation: The Mineral Power of Your Body’s Electrical Supply

This is her summary of that presentation. Sulfate (US spelling) or sulphate (English spelling) means related to sulphur, or compounds of sulphuric acid. Gelled water is also referred to as EZ (exclusion zone) water, structured water, crystalline water or living water.

Summary: The Mineral Power of Your Body’s Electrical Supply, Stephanie Seneff

EZ water, is the term coined by Dr Gerald Pollack and described in his excellent book, The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid and Vapor. Pollack calls the familiar H2O, in which the water molecule is made up of two hydrogen atoms to one oxygen atom, bulk water to differentiate it from EZ water which is H3O2. It has a liquid crystalline honeycomb structure, higher viscosity and is more alkaline than ordinary water. It is the phase of water you know as surface tension that supports water boatman or pond skimmers and it is also the kind of water that makes up 99% of the cells in our bodies and the water in all living organisms. He named it exclusion zone water because it holds a negative charge that enables it to exclude impurities, such as toxins. EZ water occurs where water meets a hydrophilic surface, such as the ocean, or a glass where it meets the atmosphere, in cells where it meets membranes, or in the atmosphere itself where it clings to particles and is involved in the formation of clouds. Bulk water carries a positive charge. EZ water absorbs more radiant energy, especially in the infrared wavelengths (which are everywhere) than bulk water. The separation of the positive and negatively charged water provides the battery polarity, which either repels or attracts according to the amount of stored radiant energy in the EZ water and this creates the flow that enables blood to move through your veins, or water up a tree, as well as releasing energy as heat.

“Water, therefore, acts as a transducer, absorbing one kind of energy and converting it into other kinds.”

Dr Pollack describes this process, very simply in his TED talk: Water, Cells and Life

So, drinking living water, as we drunk from mountain springs and crystal lakes when we lived in forests, is clearly healthy. However, is it possible that correctly charged and aimed human creatures provide energy not just for themselves, but also to the planet? I can’t see how this could not be true. We live in the exclusion zone of the planet, connecting with the negatively charged earth (when you walk barefoot on the earth) and moving through the positively charged atmosphere. You feel the atmosphere, the air as hot and heavy pressure on your skin before a thunderstorm, but you are in it all the time and you cannot possibly be anything other than part of it – but are you flowing or resisting?

Consider these two images. The first is a diagrammatic form of the six primary chakras (corresponding to the main organs of the endocrine system) and the positively and negatively charged channels of the human system. The Ida (negative charge) and Pingala (postitive charge) represent the basic duality in the existence, or Shakti and Shiva, feminine and masculine or it can be the intuitive and logical aspect of you. Without these two dualities, or charges, life wouldn’t exist as it does right now.

Ida and Pingala

The second image shows the Birkeland Currents. Birkeland currents connect the ionosphere to the magnetosphere and channel solar wind energy to Earth’s uppermost atmosphere. The earth is not powered by a liquid iron molten core, but by plasma jets from the sun and the pleroma and we are part of that system too.

Birkeland Currents

What is Structured Water?

In general terms, structured water is liquid crystalline water.  In ordinary water, two hydrogen molecules bond with each oxygen molecule in a random pattern.  In structured, or coherent water, there are more regular hydrogen bonds forming a hexagonal lattice that creates more stability in the water.

From Dancing with Water

The interconnected network of structured water creates greater coherence, which improves signalling and enables it to store more information.  See Healing Waters, for more on how water stores and shares information.

Generating Reality

In conclusion, drinking structured water gives you and the Nature of which you are part more energy, to make it easier for you to generate and co-create the reality you actually want to participate in. The effect is electrical and the results are tangible – it helps you remain poised, energized and in flow, so that you can recognize the flicker between the two ‘reals’ and make an informed choice in any situation.

You can buy Ophiussa water restructuring disks here.

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